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I would like to thank everyone for believing in me as your spellcaster and for taking time out of your day to leave feedback on my services. Not only does this remind me of why I have devoted my life to such an honour, it allows people who have not used my services to make their own judgement call and receive help from a genuine spell caster.

I'm glad I could spend time one on one knowing you and working it through with you! It has been a great honour and I look forward to changing more people's lives fast!

Over 4000+ reviews have been received and the most recent have been posted below.

The ability to review spells to find out which one could entertain your problem or situation is significant. There are subtle differences between a love spell and any spell casting for breaking up an existing couple. Reviews on which spell casters are going to help you out and those wasting your money could mean everything.

These are some of the testimonials and reviews on my love spells below. You can hear the opinions of real patrons that loved the spells and joining my realm. They are not modified and the reviews cover a true opinion of their love spell casts.

Review spells and the testimonials you can find below to find out if you want to request my help. There are happy people that want to share their experience. Your relationship can be a dream come true when you put the hard work into them. Choosing the right spells will significant help the situation. Reviews can change your choices.

47Life84: Ashra this video just blew me away. I felt like you were right here in the room with me. I found the video very professionally done and look forward to your next one. Congrats you sure got my vote. All the best in 2009 to you.

jesslo7777: You have changed my life with my boyfriend! You have helped so much and i am grateful! god bless

TKD6014: I think you are the best! I was skeptical at first but you are really great at what you do! Thanks so much for helping us out!

Apoloness: Wow! She's such a great person.You have me convinced Ashra! Keep up the good work! :)

Kopames007: I think she is good and knows her thing..and video is perfect...

gratitude4u: You're simply amazing Ashra! I love the video, and I'm so happy and grateful for all your wonderful spells you cast for me so far -they really worked so well! I needed some financial help, and you provided that without fail... Wow, what a professional service!

Mariana: Dearest Ashra, thank you for the spell cast and renewing my hope. Your services really are one of the greatest discoveries i've made over the world wide web, and I wanted to let you know that i've been recieving emails from people who've ordered or are contemplating ordering your spells (i'm assuming based on my testimonial to your youtube video) asking if i'd recommend your spells, and every time i say yes! definately! its not just the spells themselves but the support, the real support you provide. So i hope you're recieving an increase in spell requests, i'm glad people are asking so i can inspire them to contact you as well.

Janet761: Ashra is great..The last spell that she did for me was great....It is still working and my relationship is even better with my man.He got me a Ring for Christmas....I Couldn't be happier.....Thank you Ashra......Janet7761-Janet Vermeeren-Alaska

chicagoscribes: This is a great video. It is professionally done. The music and timing of the scenes create the appropriate mood. You have a great voice and in the next video. With respect to the services that you provide, you do excellent work and you respond to emails and provide compassionate counsel. You possess two rare and great gifts: the ability to change lives and the desire to use your abilities.

hellokitty: Miss Ashra will surprise amaze you in ways that you did not expect. Give up? Give in? WHY - when Miss Ashra help and support is near. If you ask from the heart, she will give from the heart. Thank you for all your time and energy.

robynrrig: I am impressed by how much you care about what you do! And what a wonderful video, thank you so much for all that you do! To put energy, love and power back into people's lives and into the universe is a great thing -

sweetkerin: we have worked a few times together and all the times i have worked with you i have gotten everything fixed. You take the time and really commit to making sure you get the best possible results for the situation. Anytime that i have needed to talk to you about my situation with the guy you always answered me back until i felt better about it. They really do work you take the time into it for it to really get results.. Thanks a lot

theo29van: Wow the video is very attractive and the way you have the moon and castle over your left shoulder was great. You look very sexy and strong,with a lot of confidence in your pose. I look forward to seeing more of your upcoming productions. The video speaks volume of your committment to helping others with their issues in life. I know that you are a wonderful person.

Herdrider54: Ashra, The time and energy you put into your spells is incredible and the way you treat your clients, like me, is truly remarkable. thank You for all you do, you are blessed and we are blessed to have made your acquaintance.
Thank You from my heart.

AndrewRios1871: Wow, what an experience! She is wonderful and made my life complete again. I was skeptical at first, but what a believer I am now, it really worked! Thank you so much!

lisamlopez78: Ashra, your spells are amazing and worked very well for me. The reading you did with the crystals was right on in regards to my situation. I hope to work with you again in the near future.

missthat7is2andfeel: After researching psychics, witches, spellcasters, etc. There are a lot of frauds out there. But I chose Ashra because she was the only one that gave me that 'trusting feeling'. I ordered several love spells and I felt and saw the magical changes with my particular situation. She also cares and answers your email. So do your OWN research and I guarantee it will lead you to Ashra! Five+ stars from me. I really believe in Magick.

dreary0bsession: *****Five stars. Ashra is such a kind person, answers every question, and will follow through with the spellwork you ask of her. An amazing individual to offer such a self-less service. *heart*

Vikingsfan1963: Ashra, your video is very classy and to the point. The back ground is awesome but at the end of the video where the broken glass reverse's and comes back together is very cool. I also want to take this time and thank you for your much needed help in my life last year. All that I came to you about was resolved in a quick and pleasant way. Thank you. Vikingfan1963

thesillkrose: I have personally approached ashra for her help on a couple of things and even to this day she is still helping me I would highly recommend her as to me she is very real and I can honestly say that her results are real just believe in what she is doing and the results will happen I would definately rate this video as a very powerful video it gets straight to the point of what Ashra does. This video leaves a lasting impression I had watched it about a month ago and was very impressed.

duirwaigh42: After almost a year of using her services I can honestly say that Ashra is a fantastic person and I couldn't possibly imagine where I would be without her kindness and support. Someday I hope to find a way to return the favor.

mosmos49: Ashra is the best. Always answers any questions gives advice and always gives support. My dreams are starting to come true and I could not have done it without her.

debledwards: I forgot to say....everyone should get ahold of're awesome!!!

demonladytiger134: The glass shattering is like you breaking through the obstacles! Seeing your face and hearing your voice helps me to visualize the person who is making my ultimate dream come true!

r0hluv: Video is great and done very professionally! The mystery of the spells feel very real indeed!! Ashra is very helpful and is still continuing her efforts to sort out my stubborn situation! Praying for success soon.

jackpotjoy27: I used Ashra back in 2008 and the results were outstanding. She was always there to answer any questions or queries that I had and to put my mind at ease. She encouraged me to be postitive and her love and devotion really helped. I would have no hesitation in using her services again.

oakwood1145: Very professional Ashra! It's like a promo for an upcoming movie! Nice to put a face to the name too.

funny14: Absolutely awesome!!! You're the best! Your spell has changed my life! I will definitely refer you to friends and family, plus I plan on using you again and again! THANKS!!!!

rosie5401: Ashra, thank you for being a friend and for all your help. You go above and beyond what you are asked to do for us, you become a part of our lives. Thank you.

kistock: Ashra your love spells have worked wonders!
I was skeptical at first, but i cannot believe the results i have received so far. I am truly amazed.

justyle: Ashra is the best! I experienced the power of the Overmaster spell for financial success. I was in a horrible job that was going nowhere. With the Overmaster spell cast late last year, I am now in a dream job with a rich benefit package.

I highly recommend Ashra to you for whatever problems you are experiencing whether is love, money or psychic powers. She is the real deal.

KDJmode140: It was very very nice, I like it. I just keep replaying it. I deserve more that 5 stars. You did a great job

montevon: Ashra, is the real deal

NYJolin: Ashra, the video is awesome. The level of commitment you have for your clients really shows. I'm extremely impressed with you. Good job!

emtce1973: you are by far the most honest and caring of them all!!!i've tried the rest and i will stick with the best..and thats ashra!!!

beckp1949: Thanks Astra your spells are great and you take alot of time with them. You are a very caring person

nnme8: I has Ashra do spell for me in the past it worked! She is the best of the best.

wings1folded: Ashra,You have changed my life so much and I'm so grateful for everything you have done.I feel like we are old friends and that you will be there whenever I need you.I'm so in love with my boyfriend and he gives all the love in the world back to me.I know he is my soul mate.Your love spells are so very strong and real,I know for I have proof.Thank-you dear friend and keep making peoples dreams come true.God Bless you

djartis06: Wow Ashra your level of commitment is awesome, I found you at the lowest part of my life. your help uplifted me and gave me faith in myself again. Thanks for helping me when I needed it.

mthaonguyan: Great Video! It's awesome! It is great to be able to put a face to the kind words. 2008 had been a terrible year for heartache for me, and with your spells Ashra, I have been able to see a change in direction with my love life. Things are improving, however I am still waiting for the full effect of the last spell to make everything perfect, so excited, I can't wait! :)

fenethwayne: Brilliantly done!!! 10 out of ten. my experience with ashra has been incredible it has just been difficult for me to get funds over sees to pay for services but that will all change soon. ashra is one of those people that keeps her promises and won't let you down and she is always there to lend a helping hand and tell you what would fit your situation best, so be assured having ashra in your life is like having a friend for life.

djartist106: Wow! Ashra your level of commitment is awesome, I found you at the lowest part of my life, your help uplifted me and gave me faith in myself again. Thanks for helping me when I needed it

Janet761: I love it....Ashra has worked for me and the last spell she did worked very well Me and my man r happier and its been very very good still and I even got a Ring from him..Thank you Ashra..Blocking that person has worked and I hope it continues to.......

oceans12: Ashra works so hard to make sure her spells work. I have a very difficult and complex situation and she has been amazing in overcoming obstacles and doing what needs to be done to get the desired results.

shortridez: I was skeptic of spells at first, i can honestly say i was scammed a couple of time until i found you. The love spell worked amazingly. I have refered you to my friends and i will be back again.. Thank You so much for everything you had done for me..

elvenqueen3: ashra you are the best! always caring and considerate. keep up your good work!

vetka: The video is really good. I feel like the spells are working but require a little more time. I feel hope and optimism. Thank you for your concern

starfaerrie: Ashra is awesome! The real thing! Thank you for everything!

barbiek1: Ashra--You have performed several spells for me. What is most amazing is the dramatic feelings I have experienced afterwards. With your help, I have learned to manifest many positive things in my life.

leenkath6: ashra-what an amazing feeling that came over me,a feeling of peace that my life will turn out the way I've dreamed of it to be!thank you from the bottom of my heart you are a true blessing!!!

pinkdolly460: Ashra, I've been very happy with the results so far. Look forward to working with you again.

rosie4500: Ashra, you are a real person. You go above and beyond what you are asked to help with, and you become a friend. I believe that something good will come out of my past request. Thank you.

AlaneManny: Ashra, Your spells are true. Thank you for what you do to help people.

amb3rdaydream31: Ashra, you're unique. I don't know how you do it - the spells are powerful. Thanks for the regular newsletters, too, which are most inspiring.

edplayer85: Hello Ashra congratulation on your video i have had very positive experiences with you, you are so kind... God bless you.

yell0wlighter: Ashra, your video is awesome! you are so inspirational and have always been there at my lowest points to help me feel at ease with my situation. Mike is coming around at an alarming rate and I definitely feel as though I owe it all to you. Thank you for being there for me when I have needed you the most. Again, I love the video!

Bosco339: Ashra, she is really a good person who is in the middle of helping me out with my Love case, its a big case but with her help, maybe I can get my soulmate back....from jimmystang93

daisyduck21: Ashra is a caring and wonderful individual. She works with you until you see results. She is awesome.

HDM12: Ashra rocks! caring and personal services.. Thank you!!

fenethwayne: You are awsome and a friend for life, you are very sincere in whatb you do and always suggest what you think would be best. i will defenitely be using you in the near future again cause you are one of those who always keep your promises. thank you for everything and all that you have done. you're amazing!!!

axtensto: I had lost hope until I found your site. I had a relationship with a married man for 8 eight years and he wasn't getting a divorce because he didn't want to leave his children. After your spell he changed completely. He couldn't live without me and was excited just to hear me on the phone. He forgot all his fears abot his children. He couldn't even touch his EX-wife. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I LOVE YOU ASHRA!!!!

Magmilow: You're Spells are amazing and are very powerful. No matter the situation I was in you were always finding ways to help me and show great love for everything you do. Thank you.

CandyGirl408: I had been all over the internet trying to find someone who could help me out with my situation, I had skills but it was hard for me to find a company to let me work for them in the financial industry with my credit, then I found Ashra and she really did what she said. I was astounded because so many say they are the best but can't back it.

oldm0unta1nmamma: Great video. It was like watching a movie preview. Exciting and professional. Thank you Ashra. If love is very important part of your life and you losing or have lost it please contact Ashra. She offers a service that can help you make your dreams come true. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction and caring about my love/life situation. Thank You!

lilylily67: leaves you wanting more...! Ashra is still sticking by my side...she hasn't given up, and I know results are on the horizon! Thank you for being there for me in my darkest hour. May God bless all you do.

mugofue: If you want personalized guidance to solving your problems then you have hit the right target. Ashra is very prompt in her attendance to your case and utilizes her superior gifts to generate positive energies and results. She has not cast my spell, yet am already feeling positive emotions.

sheloves1only: Thank you so much! Your gifts from the goddess is amazing! Blessed be!

zefmad986: I think you are the best spell caster in the world, and anyone can approach you if there is any type of problem.

drmcleanlamer: Ashra, is a caring and committed practictioner who above anything is concerned about those whom she serves. She is dedicated to positive outcomes and when you join with her in this same positive manner it makes what she does all the more powerful as it boost the energy in the outcome of ones situation. She not only looks out for her clients she also protects them from preditors who claim to be able to achieve a result educating her clients in ways that no one else provides so look out for fakes.

billbr54: Ashra, I was desperate on trying to turn my life around. I talked to you about which spell would be the best for me help me get the house we wanted. The results have been great and we hope to close escrow next week. I know this would have not been possible with out your help as the property had gone off the market and after your spell it suddenly was back on the market a week later. Just amazing, Thank you so much........

MyFriendsTT: I received a huge windfall after doing one of your wealth spells. I would recommend you to others. Plus, everything you send to me is so sincere and positive. Thank you.

twosix17: I found Ashra when I was in desperate need. And just having someone to share my feelings with really felt like a blessing in itself. I think this video was awesome! Its thrilling, exciting and leaves me in curiosity for more. I always tell Ashra how wonderful it is that she is helping so many with their prayers and that such deed is a blessing in itself. -Ashra, I wish you great blessings and happiness. Thank you. - Cristina

Caratinij: Ashra, you are the real thing! I look forward to continue receiving your help, and I wish you much success.

spiritsofjosh: Great video, lives up to your helpfulness and support. Thank you!

artstonie: Ashra what a great video you have always been there when i have needed you to offer advice and guidence thanks for being there and bless you cause i know u are there when i need you

Magdasase: She is definitely one of a kind!! A great women/person to know. All hands to you!!
Thank you!!!

jwolfman: Ashra you are an amazing woman, so kind and caring. You were there for me when I was at such a low point in my life and you gave me back the love of my life and made me the happiest woman on the planet!

blainemurphy: Excellent video, Ashra! Sincerely, Blaine

wkidan: Ashra is spectacular! She has worked spells for me twice now and both times given me the results I would never have imagined I would have! I love this video, and I love Ashra! She is the epitome of what goodness is all about!

jyon3y1: great, genuine spellcaster worth using !! 5***** all round

lauraifollon: Hi Asra, Firstly i apologise about the rating i clicked by accident when it should of been the full 5 stars. Although i haven't known of you for that long i have complete faith in you and all that you do. You have made me feel at ease with your kind words and now i feel very positive about things. You are a special person that brings continuous amazement into peoples lifes and i thank you from the bottom of my heart x

TamarixJones: You are absolutely wonderful! I requested a spell for love from you late 2007. Well, happily I can say we are now married (9months now) and are more in love than ever before. He's mad crazy for me and I'm loving it! We are now trying to get some little ones to our family to show our neverending love for each other. Thank you soo much for alll your work on my behalf! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

christian74yahoo: Thank u for caring about others so much, its great to feel the positive energy that comes from your spirit.

daisyduck21: Ashra's spells are state of the art. She is always available to answer your questions. Very reliable.

digitaltempest37: Once again, I can't begin to tell you all how much of a wonderful, compassionate, powerful person Ashra is. You can literally just feel the tingle of power radiating from her. I knew she'd cast my spell before I even got home to GET her confirmation that she'd done it. Thanks again for all you've done, Ashra. :) I'd recommend you to anyone.

bdrevolution21: This video is awesome. It brings out the intensity of spells. Thank you! I am looking forward to everything working out

Magmilow: Ashra Thank you for you're beautiful spell work that has given me hope and made my life a lot more brighter.

Vikingfan63: WOW!!! Great video with HD effects. HD is for sure the wave of the future/now. Ashra, I could not believe the difference a 25 sec video in HD format really brings out the slightest detail to a already awesome video. And may you continue to touch many lives with your spells as you have with me. Vikingfan

lauraifollon: Amazing video, very eye catching. An awful lot of effort has gone into the making of it. This video will bring others like myself to come forward for your help and guidance. Thank you for all that you do x

alfeatha: I must admit, Ashra's real. Life has gotten alot easier since first contact. I definately believe!

forevergrateful: thanks ashra for being so great! without u my life would still be at it's lowest point. ur customer service is impeccable, and ur truly changing lives.

janhav: awesome! ashra always responds to your emails and is always positive and gives you that lift you need.

SassyWhispers: Really awesome! would expect nothing less from such a professional who believes in her heart our dreams in our hearts and the results show we are all one with her .. take a step in trust and watch the unexpected happen in your life too !!!

BluebirdIllusions: Great video!
Your a wonderful spell caster.Very trustworthy, and wont let you down she's been there for me, and helped out a lot! I'm confident things will work out. I hope to see more great videos in the future!

didi184: I think this video is very very effective in delivering the message coming across, the sound effects are fantastic and the full moon drives home a good understanding of what spell casting is all about. I am one who believes that spell casting is real and in my experience I have not come across too many real spell casters who are the real deal but with Ashra it was a different story I can't say too much for good reason.

NYorkJolina: Ashra, the video is awesome! You helped me get a job when I lost mine. Keep up the good work. Your compassion and caring for your clients really shows. Thank you, a million times.

noods: ever since you started working with me, both situations have improved significantly and contiue to do so. thanks for everything

thesilkrose27: Not only does this video drive home a strong positvie message about spellcasting but I can honestly say that Ashra is definately the spellcaster to approach for help the only thing that stops people is the fear of the unknown there is nothing to be afraid of Ashra is honest and will help and the results are real.

axtensto: Ashra, The HD of your video is fantastic!! It's so real that seems you are infront of me.
Once again THANK YOU!!!

stonedude68: I really like this HD version of your vid, Ashra! It's professionally shot just like a trailer for a big hollywood blockbuster, and that breaking ice/glass effect is really neat looking! I hope it'll grab people's attention, and get them to try you!

mariechuchard: The video in HD is SO much better.Just like Ashra it is awesome.I feel positive that all the work that Ashra is doing for me,my man has one foot in the door already.

mosmos: Wow the moon looks like you could touch it. Ashra,s website and her spells are the best!!!

trentin: This is great video as well. I don't have HD yet :) but I can tell by the effects that it is astounding. Gives me even more confidence in your spells. Keep up the good work!!!!!

chicagoscribe: The high definition version of this video increases the impact of the video by making the images, special effects and sound quality sharper. Ashra's services are high quality, and they are performed with compassion and honesty. Her gifts are rare and her willingness to share them are priceless.

drmcleanlamer: This is awesome Ashra, I am extremely pleased. You can see the professionalism, time and commitment to who you are and for your craft. This only cements that you are truly who you say you are and you can do what you say you can do. Thumbs up 10 stars from me. I know that this is not on the scale but it should be. Shiloh

demonladytiger: WOW! In HD, its even more powerful..the glass shattering and breaking through all the obstacles! I really felt that one! My wishes are manifesting RIGHT NOW! I trust you and believe in you!

missthatislandfeel: Great production in HD. Try Ashra out! You will not be disappointed. It's more than the internet connection. I could feel her presence and energy even away from the computer. Just look at her, listen to her voice, most of all look at her eyes. I know I didn't waste my time consulting with her. Love You Ashra

msthanguyen: I thought the normal version of this video was pretty awesome, not to mention the HD version makes the moon look within reach! Great job Ashra! Just like all the effort you put into your spells. :)

justhopeful: Ashra is AWESOME. Her video is explosive. Believe in her.

murphy: GORGEOUS! Even better in HD! I can feel so much energy! Ashra is one-of-a-kind and truly cares about her work and the people she works with. You won't be sorry!

starfaerrie: Awesome HD quality and Ashra is geniune. I truly believe in her and her spells. They are the real thing. Thank you for everything!!!

sssisneros: Great video Ashra, you truly are gifted.

vincedragondancer: I want to take you home Ashra!! Your love spells - golden kisses and overmaster did it overnight. once you told me they were done. I just dont want to screw this up.

chacalina: Very professional video. I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for your help with the spells that you casted on my love situation! I look forward to seeing more videos from you :)

SapphireBelief: HD is the format of 2009, and it is great to see Ashra's message as precise as possible! Ashra is the most thorough power around, and her talent extends to the depths of the energy world and beyond. Excellent!

shoegirl2009: Amazing and inspiring video! Just watching it makes you feel your dreams will come true.

lifeandharmony: I can still feel the tingle of your spells on my skin. I know its going to be okay because of you. He's back and I feel like I need another love spell to make sure it never goes away!!!

SCPips46: Honestly Ashra, your video is really polished and professional. Its amazing, like you and the work that you do. Thanks for sharing your gift with others and doing everything you can to make their lives happier. I truly believe in you and can't wait for my results.

angle4cats: I am a true believer in her powers. Great video. Since my spell was cast my situation has improved. Thanks so much

aldorox: Personable, dedicated, and professional!

macisback09: Even better in HD! I took a leap of faith and it paid off! I would recommend Ashra to everyone with Mark back in the picture.

simplyeyecandy: Very impressive! Ashra was there for me every step of the way and everything worked out just as she predicted. I am really looking forward to the new year and seeing more videos from you Ashra! To everyone else, trust her! She will not let you down.

Angelcalling2u: We made it through all the problems thanks you to ashra! you are my blessing and i'm glad the spells worked. it was so hard to stay dedicated to his problems.

mnbvcxz: Ashra you are great...I order two spells from you and they seem to be working thank you so much

goldentoothfairy: I feel like I could faint, everything was so real!! your spells worked!! Thanks Ashra

SFJoman09: This video is great. It shows and feels like you have strong connections to real spell casting power. Your spells have always had a positive effect on my life.

staff3nat: Ashra is very professional and caring, she offers support to all the people go to see her. Love is a very important part of our lives and Ashra offers a service that can help all our dreams come true.. I will be back to have more spells cast, soon.

msnightshades02: Video was great. Very professionally done. Its not only the video that is very professional, the person behind it aswell. Thank you for everything ashra. I strongly recommend you to everyone.

NEVRILREBELL0: Very nice video, captures the person instantly!!

lotuspetal: Lovely video! If people only knew you'd stop the problems with your spells. Fight! Fight! Fight! That's all we ever did. Thanks for your spells. I know Sutu Sion love spell certainly put shrills down my back! Only a week!

crjardin: This video is really excellent! I love it. Ashra is a great person and excellent professional! She's been helping me and is always ready to support me when I need it

SirKajFropy20: All right, I already the normal quality was good. This video basically knocks my socks off. You kind of feel that everything is very possible with this video. The last mail I got from Ashra filled me with totally positive energy. WOW! Yes, it was a clear wow-feeling there. Things are HAPPENING right now. They're talking place. No doubt this is a superb video. No way I forget spell enchantments after this. Especially not now when the fullmoon really IS near. This sunday it's on!

lourdivette: This video is great. I love the look of it and the cape she is wearing is incredible. Ashra is great at what she does and is reflectd in this video.

mygirls: Great video and very dramatic! Always willing to find what works the best for me and my situation. Thanks Ashra! Love your website too!

kdumaua: An amazing video in HD! Looks very clear and straight to the point of what you are trying to address. Very eye-catching and dramatic! Thanks for sharing!

indigomysoul: Absolutely unreal! Your spells brought back Danielle to me last night!! I think it was so worth the wait for your love spells. It's been too long since we hugged and held each other close.

ursula: You have helped me in more ways than you know. Thank you for putting your heart into each spell and wanting only the best outcome.

daisyduck: I just had my spells cast and am anxiously awaiting their success. Ashra always is available and cares for her clients.

DAN28: Professional,clear and done with style.Just like when you deal with Ashra.Don't settle in this life.Ashra will help you achieve what your heart really wants.Peace and Blessings Dan

lisamlopez: Love watching the video in high quality HD. Once again, your spells did wonders and I got very positive results. You gave me a peace of mind when it was needed.

swankysha3: It was a breath of fresh air to finally put a face & voice to the woman who gives me hope. I'm finally able to smile and sleep a full night knowing that the love of my life will return to me very soon.

emmles: Ashra, you are truely amazing and your spells have brought love back into mylife. Thank you Thank you Thank you. My life continues to go in places I never thought possible thanks to you!!!

BeautifulCharmer: Ashra he stopped the divorce!! Your blocking that women's flirting and using your love spells worked! THANK YOU for your help woman! You're amazing stuff.
I felt like that moment would last when he moved closer with the papers, and it was all for his kiss.

rohluv3: Ashra, this video is so enthralling that I wish it just continued on!! Its like watching a proper movie!! Excellent filming! You look great and mysterious at the same time too!

bluenile: Super professional. You get the feel of the full moon. It is great to actually see you.

nyorkgirl54: nice video...I keep watching it over and over..It makes me feel like I am there, and nice to finally see you.

smi45: I was skeptical at first, but i believe in you Ashra, that because of you i'm going to get my love back. Though i may not feel the effects of the spells right away, but i believe that it will work out. :)

Vikingfan63: Ashra, I like how your video is direct and to the point. The effects of the back ground and the ending is awesome with the reversing of the broken glass to form the ending. I also want to thank you for all of your help last year. Everything you did for me has helped and blessed my life so much. Thank you, Vikingfan

yellowlighter: Thank you Ashra, so so much you have most definitely helped ease me through all of my times of trouble, and with Michael, he is coming around at an alarming rate and I owe it all to you, you are an inspiration and I thank you from the bottome of my heart!

lee1923: Thanks Ashra for all your help. You made a believer out of me.

chriscuster: ashra, what impresses me most about you is your level of commitment. I found you at the lowest part of my life. your help uplifted me and gave me faith in myself again. You are a blessing to have in my life because, You work from a place of love... thats why i feel the way i feel.

spinks: wow... i just keep on playing this...

lostbetweenworlds: Wow! You have me convinced Ashra! Keep up the good work;)

demonladytiger: I very much enjoyed seeing your face and hearing your voice. It helps me to visualize the person who is helping to make my ultimate dream come true! I look forward to these powerful results!

maplecity: i rate this video 5 stars and and i've hadnothing but positive experiences with ashra

Jessye: ASHRA all I want to say is that YOU MADE MY DREAMS COME TRUE. M finally asked me out yesterday. He said that he wanted me back in his life and that it feels right among so many other things that I just could not even fathom. You are amazing!!! I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am!

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